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Pokemon Go Tips: How to Play, Catch, Battles, Hatch and Evolve Pokemon

Pokemon Go launched a couple of days ago and the augmented reality mobile game has been making some immense waves on all the mobile app charts across various territories.

However, not everyone is well acquainted with the Pokemon world, and even if you are, a lot has been changed in the way the game compares with conventional Pokemon games. This guide will take you through everything that matters.

Pokemon Go Tips, How to Play

We have compiled everything that we think you should know before starting the game or when you are new to it. The whole guide is divided using suitable heading too, so that it is easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Understanding Pokemon Go Basics, Pokemon Go Tips
So to start off, you need to login to the game which can be done using an existing Google account or a Pokémon Trainer Club account – preferable if you want download codes for rare Pokemon!

Moving on, you get to customize everything about your trainer including options from name, skin tone, hair and even clothes.

Once you are ready, Professor Willow gives you a tutorial about how to catch Pokemon which is also the process through which you get the starter Pokemon (from among Bulbasaur, Charmander and Squirtle).

Playing Pokemon Go Tips, How to Catch Pokemon
Now that you are good to go, the actual fun begins. The in-game map is augmented reality i.e. your world is embedded into the game world which means traversing it is done by the player physically moving around.

As you walk around and explore the locality, you will be able to spot any Pokemon that are in close vicinity – if you get close enough. You get a meter on lower right side of the screen that presents to you the three closest Pokemon. Tap on the meter and you get a more detailed account of the Pokemon in the surroundings.

One footprint means it is very close two means the Pokemon is a little far and three means you need to keep exploring for it.

Pokemon Go Tips on Battles, How to Catch Pokemon
This is where the Poke Balls come in just like any other traditional Pokemon game. In order to catch the Pokemon, you throw the ball at it – the battles are not between two Pokemon.

Any how, you tap on the Pokemon to initiate a battle and engage a Poke Ball – this will be represented by a ring appearing around the Pokemon in question. Choose to swipe when the ring is smaller.

There is little technique involved, especially in how you are throwing the ball at the Pokemon. Your throwing angle, force and flick will all matter in how you master the Pokemon and so will the state you are playing in i.e. whether augmented reality is turned off or on.

This is important because the Pokemon will need to be centered manually on the screen in you have turned on AR and it gets a little tricky to hold your phone steady and also flick the balls well. On the other hand, you could choose the simpler way and turn off the AR when battling a Pokemon.

It is of extreme importance here that you know how the game spreads the Pokemon in the world because the type of Pokemon you find in an area will depend on the type of geographical area you are in.

For instance, small towns get you grass and normal types ones while being near water brings water types. Even the time of the day has an effect as people have reportedly encountered Pokemon like Gastly and Clefairy.

Pokemon Go Tips on Eggs, Hatching and Incubators
Another thing you will find in the Pokemon Go world is Eggs. These can later hatch into proper Pokemon and get added to list you have catched.

However, in order for the Pokemon to be hatched, you will have to travel some distance i.e. play the game and explore the world for a given distance. Needless to say, if you are asked to walk longer it means the Pokemon will be rare.

That being said, the actual process of hatching will require an Incubator, one of which you are already given. However, a single incubator can only incubate one egg at a time and a proper player wouldn’t want that. The only way you can overcome this hurdle is by buying another incubator, though.

Pokemon Go Tips on Evaluating the Pokemon
In Pokemon Go, you can check out the traits of each Pokemon to see what it is capable off. CP is Command Points which is the evaluation of how good it is in a fight.

It is also worth noting that the CP levels of Pokemon you find will also go up as your trainer level goes up. However, not all the Pokemon of the same kind will have the same CP, which means you should choose wisely which duplicate Pokemon you wish to trade away.

Upgrading, Items and Helping Hands
In order to upgrade the Pokemon you have catched, you can use items. However, they are pretty much the main load of stuff you can use to make your monsters stronger.

The upgrading and evolutions work using Stardust and Candy which you can attain through the general play of the game and by trading in the Pokemon with Professor Willow. The Stardust is used to level up the Pokemon while Candy helps with the rest.

When you want to upgrade a Pokemon, hit the Poke Ball, then Pokemon and finally choose the Pokemon you wish to upgrade.

You can use power up items to increase power of the Pokemon or use special items to evolve the Pokemon. Of course this goes side by side with increasing the level of the trainer by gaining experience through battles with Pokemon.

There are a number helping hands you can use in catching, training and even finding the Pokemon namely Incense, Lucky Egg, Egg Incubator and Lure Module. Niantic Inc. has explained them like this:

  • Incense: Incense with a mysterious fragrance that lures wild Pokémon to your location for 30 minutes.
  • Lucky Egg: A Lucky Egg that’s filled with happiness! Earns double XP for 30 minutes.
  • Egg Incubator: A device that incubates an Egg as you walk until it is ready to hatch. Breaks after three uses.
  • Lure Module: A module that attracts Pokémon to a PokéStop for 30 minutes. Other people around the PokéStop can also benefit from the effect.

You can buy them using the in-game currency called PokeCoins with sell 100 for $0.99, 550 for $4.99, 1200 for $9.99, 2500 for $19.99, 5200 for $39.99 and finally 14500 for $99.99.

Pokemon Go Tips: How PokeStops Work
You will see these blue markers on the map which represent the PokeStops, important buildings / locations you must visit. Tapping on the marker will show you a picture of the building, follow the map to get there, but before that you should swipe on the photo to get things like Pokemon Eggs and Poke Balls.

Incidentally, the developers have put a lot of Pokemon around the PokeStops which makes their exploration a must, especially when someone has put a Lure Module on one of these locations (represented by pink flowers).

By the way if you have ventured out in Ingress, the last project of Niantic, you will be much better at finding the PokeStops because location data for Pokemon Go has been taken from Ingress.

Pokemon Go Tips on Gyms, Gym Battles and More
Being an iconic part of Pokemon world, there will be Gyms but you will need to first reach level five before taking on any other trainers.

Finding a Gym works just like the PokeStops which are spread across the world at random places. However, once you get there you will see the big changes to battling in the game.

Selecting moves goes out and gets replaced by taps and swipes representing attacks and dodges. The attack damage depends on the combat power which, as mentioned above, can be upped using items.

Moving on, you can take on the gym of another team too, but before that check out their prestige to know how much of a fight they are going to bring. Prestige increases with better Pokemon training while it decreases when yo lose battles.

Pokemon Trading
So far, Niantic has not added Pokemon trading to Pokemon Go but their CEO has promised it is a core element to the gameplay which will be added with a future update.

You can, however, trade the duplicate Pokemon with Professor Willow who will give you Candy in return, which is essential in upgrading your Pokemon.

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