Pokemon Go Stardust Farming Guide – Easy Stardust Farming Tips

By   /   Jul 11, 2016
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In the new augmented reality mobile game by Niantic Inc., Pokemon Go, there are basically two things that you need to get your hands on in order to continue progressing without trouble. Those two things are Candy and Stardust, making Pokemon Go Stardust farming and Candy, a core part of the game.

While we are writing a separate guide for those of you who are looking to collect as much Candy as they can, we are dedicating this one to tips on Pokemon Go Stardust farming and everything else you need to know about how to farm Stardust.

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Pokemon Go Stardust Farming Tips

First of all, there is one way in which you can get your hands on Stardust alongside Candy and that is by catching Pokemon.

For each Pokemon you catch, you get some Candy but those are just a handful in number. On the other hand, you get exactly 100 Stardust when you catch a Pokemon – the value of a unit is clearly diluted if you compare it with Candy.

That’s another reason we need more Stardust, using the Pokemon Go Stardust farming techniques at our disposal.

If you think this is not getting you enough, you can get more Stardust by defending gyms. What you need to do is station a Pokemon at a gym and use it to defend the gym. In return of defending your team’s gym, you will get a Defender Bonus of not only Stardust but also PokeCoins.

This bonus will be given to you for every 20 hours after you start defending, meaning more Stardust the more time you keep the gym. It is a challenging way to farm Stardust in Pokemon Go but also one of the most effective and rewarding.

In case you don’t know how to start defending a gym, just go the shop there and tap on the icon that looks like a shield, and select a Pokemon to store there at the gym and defend it.

Pokemon that stay there for a longer period of time and stay undefeated will start netting you much more reward in terms of Stardust.

While collecting Stardust is as easy as that in Pokemon Go, it is still a very important resource and should be collected as much as you can and also used wisely.

When you have enough, you are going to be able to use it to strengthening the Pokemon you have collected just like you will need a collection of Candy specific to the specie of Pokemon you want to increase the CP or the HP of.

Let’s do the math now, you will get 300 Stardust for each Pokemon you capture, 500 bonus stardust for each new Pokemon you capture and 500 stardust every 21 hours for each gym you control up to 10 gyms controlled at a time.

That’s a good amount of Pokemon Go Stardust. Another neat tip we can leave you with is, spending Stardust wisely on Pokemon that have powerful abilities. Only max out Pokemon that are worthy, for example Pokemon with more than 1K CP.

Don’t just spend stardust on every Pokemon you capture, that’s a waste of stardust which otherwise would you have netted you Pokemon that can easily defend your gyms leading to more Stardust leading to more powerful Pokemon.

Save Stardust for Evolution. Who knows you could end up getting a powerful Pokemon with higher CP than the one you have before. Because quite frankly, as I mentioned before, powering up Un-evolved Pokemon is kind of a risk, a risk that you shouldn’t take, a risk that can be a total waste.

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