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Pokemon Go Downloads Reach 7.5 Million, Impressive, Right?

As if you didn’t need enough proof that Pokemon Go was amazing, Nintendo has announced that Pokemon Go downloads have crossed 7.5 million, and that’s just in the three countries it’s available in now. Pokemon Go released late last week after an extensive beta in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States, and has now been fully released in those countries.

The data on the Pokemon Go downloads came from the app-market intelligence firm “Sensor Tower”. All of the 7.5 million downloads came from iOS and Android phones. The game has been one of Nintendo’s hottest commodities: in addition to the millions and millions of downloads, the game is also bringing in roughly 3 million dollars every day.

Pokemon Go helps would-be Pokemon trainers to fulfill their dreams of going on their own Pokemon journeys, driving (or walking) around their hometowns to catch wild Pokemon and use them to take over various gyms.

Only a small portion of Pokemon are currently available in Pokemon Go, but hopefully updates will bring in even more Pokemon.

The millions of Pokemon Go downloads are even more impressive when you realize that these downloads are only in three countries. Pokemon X and Y had sold 14 million units worldwide. Pokemon Go may surpass these downloads easily, especially when the game releases in the rest of the world.

So far Pokemon Go is only available in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Server issues are preventing a further release in other regions of the world, but Nintendo and Niantic have both said that they intend to have more releases in Canada, Europe, and South America.

Considering that Europe is one of the other large markets for gaming in general, Pokemon Go downloads are likely to skyrocket again when the European version of Pokemon Go comes out.