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Phil Spencer: “I’m Not Trying to Turn PC Gamers into Console Gamers”

Since Microsoft’s E3 2016 press conference, many fans have some questions, with the most prominent one that fans have been asking that Why Microsoft is porting its Xbox exclusive games to PC? And now Phil Spencer have finally answered that question.

Some have speculated that Microsoft intends to bring PC gamers towards its consoles, however, that might not be the case. Speaking with The Guardian, Microsoft’s head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, made some things clear specially the bit about trying to turn PC gamers to console gamers.

According to Phil, he is not keen of this assumption, as both PC and console markets are very different form each other. He believes even the expectations of both of these customer segments are very different from one another.

PC gaming and console gaming are different, and the customer segments have capabilities and expectations that are unique to the platforms they play on,” he says. “With Xbox and Windows, there are some common things that we can put in the hands of creators and gamers – like Xbox Live, like your friends list – that help unify your gaming experience and put you at the centre as the player.

Phil made it clear that he is not trying to convert PC gamers to console gamers, as the PC market is going very strong right now. He also revealed the reason to bring Xbox games to PC because, most active users on Xbox One are also PC gamers, so this is more of a service to their customers.

“But I bristle at the idea we’re bringing the platforms ‘together’. It’s not that I’m trying to turn PC gamers into console gamers or console gamers into PC gamers. We just know, and I’m sure you’re tracking it, the health of PC gaming is incredibly high right now, and we know some of our best and most active customers on Xbox One are also PC gamers – so we see this opportunity to service the customer and where they actually play, and they want to stay connected to their friends wherever they are.

Surely the games like Gears Of War 4, Forza Horizon 3, ReCore, Scalebound and others games are not just being released on PC for Xbox one users who use PC. It just does not makes any sense, from business point of view, what message Phil Spencer is trying to convey over here.

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