No Man’s Sky File Size Revealed, First Update Already Being Worked On

With the development on No Man’s Sky is complete, the game is set tot release in August for PlayStation 4 and PC. Now Hello Games has revealed the No Man’s Sky file size, and you would be surprised to know the file size, as it is way low compared to other games that release for current generation.

Following the announcement of No Man’s Sky has gone gold, Hello Games revealed the file size for the game through a Tweet.

According to Hello Games, No Man’s Sky file size on Disc is just 6 GB and most of that is audio. Yes, 6 GB in a time where most of the games has a usual file size of 30 GB, No Man’s Sky file size is 6 GB.

However, Hello Games also announced that they are working on the first update for No Man’s Sky, which is quite early given that No Man’s Sky has been released yet.

But it is not uncommon, games receiving day one patches, however, the developer did not specified that No Man’s Sky will receive a day one patch.

No Man’s Sky was originally scheduled to release in June, however, the game got delayed to August 9th.

It was speculated that a lawsuit was the reason that the game got delayed. The lawsuit was filed against Hello Games for using word “Sky” in the game’s titles, but Sony settled the lawsuit.

The most interesting thing happened after the announcement of No Man’s Sky delay, was Sean Murray getting death threats from some emotionally sensitive gamers.

But some sensible gamers made us see that not all of us are killers by using hashtag #LoveHelloGames to support the developer.

No Man’s Sky is an first person open world adventure survival video game, scheduled to release on August 9th for PlayStation 4 and PC.