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New Rocket League Microtransactions Are Coming Soon

Various rumors about new upcoming Rocket League microtransactions have been circulating around the internet for the past few weeks, and now Psyonix has officially confirmed it. Rocket League, the combination motorsport/racing game where you play soccer (and sometimes basketball) with cars, will be getting a key and chest system soon.

Previously the only real microtransactions Rocket League had were through various bits of DLC that gave players new maps and a small number of new cars. Other cosmetic rewards for cars, flags, and accessories had to be unlocked through play.

The new Rocket League microtransactions will be a departure from Psyonix’s old business model, but hopefully they won’t give anyone any real advantages.

A game like Rocket League would be a different kind of way to do microtransactions than several other games. Some games like Battlefield and others allow you to spend real money to buy small crates that give you better gear, which could interfere with game balance considering there are other people that don’t buy microtransactions and might thus be at a disadvantage.

Rocket League microtransactions will likely only be cosmetic much like the DLC that the game has already come out with, and will mainly be a way for someone to buy a cool hat or flag that they don’t want to have to play possible dozens of games to unlock.

The new Rocket League microtransactions will be nesting on the item drop system and the trading system that will also soon be put in place.

If you don’t want to see the Microtransactions screen, you can keep it from tempting you by hiding it with a single checkbox. Arenas, game modes, and items will also still be free. Paid DLC will also still be a part of the Rocket League experience.

Psyonix will be giving out more information on the system at the Rocket League Championship Series in early August.