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Civilization 6 Theme Will Be Composed By Civilization 4 Composer

We can expect to hear a second “Baba Yetu” when Civilization 6 releases in October of this year. The Civilization 6 theme song will be composed by Grammy Award-winning composter Christopher Tin, who composed the “Baba Yetu” theme for Civilization 4, which made him the only person to win a Grammy for a video game soundtrack.

The Civilization 6 theme song will be entitled “Sogno di Volare”, which is Italian for “The Dream of Flight”. It will be performed for the first time at Cadogan Hall in London, England, next week. The occasion is due to the event called “Music of Christopher Tin”, which will also include Baba Yetu.

Tin has said that he wants this theme to capture the essence of exploration that much of Civilization is built on as you expand and explore and come into contact with other civilizations. Considering that some of the civilizations that we’ve seen all have a proud history of exploration and colonization, it’s a very good choice for a title theme.

Science and philosophy are also a part of the song’s thoughts, especially since Civilization 5 put a large emphasis on various philosophies and, eventually, religions and technology. Expanding along the various paths of these philosophies will shape how your civilization works near the end.

“Sogno di Volare” will be a bit of a departure from Baba Yetu, which was essentially the Lord’s Prayer, sung in Swahili. Sogno di Volare is, however, more suited for what Tin wanted.

Its operatic title may mean that it is intended to be sung during the Age of Sail, when exploration, education, and colonization were at their peak for many European countries.

Hopefully Civilization 6 will continue the sort of mechanics that came with Civilization 5, and we’ll be able to use all of the kinds of mechanics that came with Brave New World and Gods and Kings.