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Angry Mob Games Announces “Brawlout” for PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One

Angry Mob Games has revealed a new fighting game title, called Brawlout. The game will be coming out for the PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One. It will be coming out in 2017. The game will feature an eight-player game mode, which will have both local and online modes with the possibility of tournaments in the future.

The game will even feature a story mode. You can see the game’s announcement trailer here.

Brawlout focuses on a cast of various animal wrestlers battling for supremacy on maps with multiple platforms, bringing Super Smash Brothers to mind as you try and punch enemy players out of the arena, taking place on a wide variety of maps.

The game also has something called a “rage meter”, which you can increase by performing special attacks. When it’s filled up your character will get a lot tougher. You can even customize your characters to have new special attacks, movement abilities, and advanced moves.

The Brawlout character cast only shows five out of its eight different characters right now, and include a wide variety, mainly composed of animals. This itself brings “Rivals of Aether” to mind, another Smash Bros-inspired fighting game with animal characters. Rivals of Aether released in September of last year.

These include an eagle, a cat, a four-armed frog, a walrus with a penguin (maybe as an assist in fights), and a monkey. This still leaves us with three empty character slots, but hopefully Angry Mob Games can show them to us soon, along with revealing more about the five available characters.

What we do know about them is that every Brawlout character has a different fighting style. These will allow you to grapple, freeze, dive kick, hit them with projectiles, or hit them with whips.

With such a wide variety of characters, and operating on the popular Smash Bros system, hopefully Angry Mob Games will be able to make a good game out of Brawlout. You can learn more on the company’s website.