Ubisoft Explains Why All The Division Gear Sets Aren’t Dropped by All Venues

If you have been playing Tom Clancy’s The Division regularly until now, chances are that you are a fan who would stick with them for a long period. There also are chances you are one of those people who think that all of The Division Gear Sets should be dropped by all venues, instead of specific ones for specific venues.

However, there are good reasons why Ubisoft has decided otherwise, and the community manager Natchai Stappers has explained both of them in detail.

He says that firstly, this will result in some of the gear sets going missing for a long time from your inventory since you wouldn’t know where to go for which set.

It will heavily sway even more in RNG’s way. Think about it, at the moment you know which venues tend to offer certain sets more, thus if you want a specific set you can focus on that content. If it is not this way, you’ll run whatever content you choose and might not end up getting the gear set you want for a long time, factoring in all the gear sets we have currently and possible future gear sets.

Also, if you wanted all content drop all loot unweighted, Ubisoft thinks that would result in a lot of the content being ignored because gathering loot as fast as possible would become the only priority although this could also help gear up faster.

The developers want you to experience all the content in terms of The Division gear sets and the rest, which is why they are going with the current system.

If we make all content drop all loot, unweighted, then most of the content will be ignored because players will look for the easiest/fastest way to gather loot and then not bother with the rest. This might seem like a great idea to some of you, as you might be able to gear up faster, but this will be boring and is not the dev team’s intention. After all, we want players to play all content, or at least most of it, not just a tiny slice.

Last but not the least, Ubisoft is continuously trying to improve the aforementioned system as much as they can in light of what the community wants, so be sure to fill them in on the official forums if you don’t agree with how The Division Gear Sets and the rest work.