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Sony Talks About PlayStation Neo Reveal, Takes a Shot at Project Scorpio Reveal

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially confirmed the existence of the PlayStation Neo, but unlike Microsoft’s Project Scorpio they decided not to show it off at E3 2016. This was pretty surprising for some, given that Sony plans on revealing the more powerful console very soon.

Naturally, people started asking why they would do that i.e. confirm that it exists, but not reveal it like their rival Microsoft did.

Jim Ryan, the PlayStation Europe boss decided to tackle the question and provided two reasons why Neo skipped E3 2016. Firstly, it is because they wanted PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR to be the focus, and secondly because they are waiting to have something to show.

So basically, the PlayStation Neo reveal will come when Sony has enough content in their hands to show what the console is capable of. What’s even more interesting is that while saying that, Ryan was quite clearly taking a shot at Microsoft:

We didn’t want to dilute or distract [PS4 and PlayStation VR related game news] by hardware related announcements. But more importantly we feel it’s important that when you make this sort of announcement that you don’t just trod off a list of specifications and this and that, but that you actually demonstrate what a device like Neo is capable of. And when we have the gaming applications to do that, then we’ll be ready and then we’ll show it.

Agreeably, both Project Scorpio and the PlayStation Neo are an “incredibly positive evolution” as some publishers and developers are saying, but it might be some time before Sony actually shows us their new console.

In parallel news it is also being expected that the PlayStation Neo reveal might also be accompanied by the alleged PlayStation 4 Slim version, although we don’t have much to go on that rumor.