New FIFA 17 Set Pieces And How They Have Changed

FIFA 17 is making quite a progress with exclusive rights to feature MEIJI YASUDA J1 League, and La Liga and a new game engine. Now developers has spoken out a about FIFA 17 set pieces, how they have changed and what it means for the game as a whole.

Electronic Arts has posted a new interview of FIFA 17’s lead gaemplay producer, Sam Revira, in which he explains in-depth about FIFA 17 set pieces and how they have changed. According to Revira in previous FIFA games the set pieces used the same system, and it was time that they changed it.

Set pieces in FIFA had used the same system for many years and it was time for a change. We’ve looked at every aspect of set pieces in the game – free kicks, penalties, corners, throw-ins – to give players greater freedom and control in how they take them

He further explained that corners in FIFA 17 have changed significantly, as in previous games the players held the kick button longer so that the ball’s impact would be farther. In FIFA 17 the aiming has been changed, as using the left stick allows players to exactly aim where they want the ball to go.
Furthermore, Revire explained how this works:

This works by moving a reticule on the screen that represents the target of your cross. Tapping the button results in a ball that has a loopy trajectory, good when aiming for the far post or taller players. However if you hold the button longer then you’ll have a more driven trajectory ball, for a near post move, or a flick on.

Revira also said that in penalties players can adjust their starting position and can control how they approach the ball. Revira explained that the faster a player approached the ball, the more power will be in the shot, but it could also create a mess. The same goes for the free-kicks:

It’s very similar for free kicks. You place yourself behind the ball where you want to start your run. Your placement behind the ball will affect the spin. The further back you go, the more power you can get in your shot. You can decide to shoot from the inside or outside of the ball to adjust your shot. As with penalties, the longer you hold, the more power and elevations you get in each shot.

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