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Top 100 Best Selling Games Of Steam Summer Sale 2016, Limbo is the King

As always this year’s Steam summer sale has been quite a success, and especially this year’s sale have been better than the last year’s. However, after a week of offering deals to gamers, the Steam summer sale has come to an close, with more than 39 million of games sold generating $280 million in revenue.

I believe that all of you would agree that this year’s Steam summer sale has been one of the most successful sales in the history of the gaming industry. Now we have got some new stats that show the top 100 best selling games of this year’s sale.

The report comes from SteamSpy, which gives the sales figures of each game during Steam summer sale. Using these stats we can get a clear idea about which game is most popular among gamers these days.

What is most interesting is that Limbo was the best selling game of all in this year’s Steam summer sale, which is not surprising given that Limbo was offered for free to promote the upcoming game Inside.

Other major titles like Doom was the 9th best selling game, Grand Theft Auto V was on 11th and many more. You checkout the list in the image below.


Since the sale has come to its end, now gamers will have to survive till Steam Winter sale comes around, and it is going to be an expensive and tough wait.

Recently, SteamSpy also revealed some stats that this year’s Steam Summer sale has been successful compared to last year’s. According to stats, last year’s sale brought $160 million in revenue with 33 million games sold, which very low compared to this year’s $280 million haul.

What games did you bought during Steam Summer Sale? Let us know in the comments.