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Universal Windows Platform Allows Forza 6 Apex Modding

For as long as anyone can remember, modding various video games on PCs has been a significant part of PC gaming. Now it seems that Forza 6 Apex modding is possible with the Universal Windows Platform, according to one NeoGAF user that managed to do so.

Forza 6 Apex is Microsoft’s free-to-play version of the console Forza Motorsport 6, and now it’s been modded by NeoGAF user The Admeister. While Admeister was successful in modding the game on UWP, he also said that it was a major pain to do. All the same, the ability to mod games on that platform could mean good things for the PC gaming crowd.

PC mods can do a lot to extend a game’s lifespan by adding in new things to mess with in the game. Paradox Interactive’s Crusader Kings game, for instance, has had a large number of conversion mods put out for it, ranging from Warhammer Fantasy Battle to Game of Thrones.

Forza 6 Apex modding is likely only the beginning of what PC players will want to do with Microsoft PC games. For instance, Platinum Games’s Scalebound, which will be coming out on PC and Xbox One, will also likely be moddable.

This means that people could create new components to put on the dragon Thuban before taking him out into the world. We may even end up with the game’s protagonist flying on Thomas the Tank Engine, much like some people do in Skyrim by replacing dragons with the famous train.

As horrifying as that sounds, it’s likely only going to be a small part of modding on the Universal Windows Platform, much like Forza 6 Apex modding. While the fact that modding it is apparently a difficult process may deter some people, there’s a possibility that Microsoft will end up easing up whatever it is that makes modding difficult on the platform to make modding more viable as well.