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Pokemon Go Will Be Coming To Europe and Canada Soon

Pokemon Go came out a few days ago in Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and America, but Europe and Canada, two other big gaming markets, have yet to get it. However, it doesn’t seem like Europe and Canada will have much longer to wait for the game to come out.

Pokemon Go has already been extremely successful despite only being out for a few days, sending Nintendo’s stock shooting up nearly 9 percent (that ought to shut their famously ignorant stockholders up for a while). Though the game is free, it still involves microtransactions to do things like buy Poke Balls and other goodies.

Despite it only being out in four countries so far, Nintendo has announced that the game will be coming to Europe, Canada, and South America soon. However, we don’t have an actual, concrete release date for them.

Pokemon Go allows Pokemon fans to be able to follow their childhood dreams of becoming an actual Pokemon trainer, as you can now walk around the world during your day-to-day life and catch Pokemon as you walk by them. You can also take over Pokemon gyms in your area and can find eggs as well, which you can place in an incubator to hatch while walking.

While Pokemon Go’s been experiencing a lot of server issues (not really that surprising, considering how many people immediately downloaded the game), hopefully Nintendo and Niantic are already working to make the game more stable so more people can go out and catch Pokemon. Considering how many more people will be picking up the game when it arrives in Canada, Europe, and South America, they’ll need to work fast.

Hopefully Nintendo will actually announce the release date for Pokemon Go in other regions soon, but until then Pokemon fans in Canada, Europe, and South America will have to wait until the game comes out in their regions.