Overwatch’s New Character May Arrive At San Diego Comic Con 2016

If what the internet is saying is true, we may be seeing the newest Overwatch character at San Diego Comic Con 2016. A schedule change to the convention has allowed Blizzard to schedule a panel that is dedicated specifically to announcing a new character, but who could it be?

Since Blizzard posted an interesting picture on its Overwatch Twitter a few days ago, the internet’s been going wild with speculation on who the newest Overwatch character might be, if one is coming out. The post, which involved a sniper rifle, might point towards Sombra, a character often alluded to but (for now) never seen.

Sombra, otherwise known as Ana Amari, was a member of the original Overwatch team, alongside Jack Morrison (Soldier: 76) Gabriel Reyes (now known as Reaper), Torbjorn, Liao, and Reinhardt. She’s often been alluded to in the dialogue of various characters and Pharah, but she hasn’t been seen yet.

If the internet’s speculation is correct, we’ll finally be seeing Sombra get debuted at San Diego Comic Con 2016 when it happens later this month. Sombra will likely take the form of a second sniper support character like Widowmaker, but may also have a Zenyatta-like playstyle, as the Tweet in question talked about the rifle having the ability to both heal and injure people similar to Zenyatta’s orbs of Harmony and Discord.

There’s also the lore implications of what will happen. Pharah didn’t seem to have a very good relationship with her mother, so I would imagine that if Sombra is revealed at San Diego Comic Con 2016 that they’ll have a lot of snappy dialogue back and forth, much like how Lucio and Symmetra already do.

Either way, we’ll have to wait until Comic Con itself to see what character is going to be unveiled there, but until then we’re waiting with bated breath.