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Hidetaka Miyazaki Wants Next Game to Surpass Souls Series

If you’re a gamer, the name “Hidetaka Miyazaki” might immediately cause you to think of Dark Souls. Considering that the critically acclaimed series of action-RPG games have gotten consistently good reviews ever since they first came out in 2011, you can’t really be faulted for it. But Miyazaki is hoping that his next game will surpass the Souls series.

Miyazaki directed every Dark Souls game except for Dark Souls 2, and also directed their predecessor, Demon’s Souls. The only time he took a break from directing a Souls game was to develop Bloodborne, which went away from dark fantasy in favor of steampunk horror. Miyazaki and From Software released Dark Souls 3, the last game in the Souls series, back in April.

Immediately after that, Miyazaki said that work was already underway about a new IP being developed at From Software, but we have no idea of what it will be because we got no news of it at E3 2016 at all. All in all, three new games are apparently being worked on at From, but will they actually be able to surpass the Souls series?

But how would Hidetaka Miyazaki make a game that could surpass the Souls games? In order for that to happen, it would have to be critically acclaimed, have a unique setting, and take everything that his previous games have done and make them better.

Considering all of the games Miyazaki has developed in the past six years have gotten critical acclaim, it hopefully won’t be that hard to do. Bloodborne, despite being completely different from Dark Souls in both design aesthetic, combat, and story, won critical acclaim and is touted by some as being even better than Dark Souls.

But hopefully, eventually the name Hidetaka Miyazaki won’t just be associated with Dark Souls and Bloodborne, but also with whatever games From Software decides to put out next.