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Fallout 4 Streamer Goes Through Whole Game Without Taking Damage

A Fallout 4 streamer by the name of T Ronix has done what many people might think impossible, or at least highly difficult. He recently completed a run of the entirety of Fallout 4, without taking a single point of damage. Previously, T Ronix had completed a run of the game without healing.

Considering that you can’t really rely on enemy patterns to know what to do like speedrunners try and do, T Ronix’s efforts speak to him actually running through Fallout 4’s main quest multiple times before he embarked on his no-damage run. The possibility of him managing to dodge every bullet, melee attack, bomb, and Super Mutant kamikaze run, almost boggles the mind.

Of course, there are ways to get through every situation without actually taking any damage. Any Fallout 4 streamer could probably do it if they tried, though not without a lot of work. A sniper rifle, skillful use of grenades, and a high stealth rating could be just as good in making sure that your enemies never see you to shoot at you.

You could also allow your companions (if you have any) to take most of the fire from enemies. Companions like Paladin Danse and Strong can take a lot of punishment, so you could have them distract enemies while you hit them from behind.

At the same time, the Fallout 4 streamer didn’t have an easy time of doing his no-damage run. The entire run took 25 hours, and T Ronix apparently also made seven or eight false starts before he was finally able to do the run properly, and he even added a few other constraints to make it even more challenging.

Among other things, he didn’t use any chems or armor, and also didn’t call on any companions to help him except when he had to for the sake of the story.

T Ronix’s knowledge of Fallout 4 also helped him, as he knew which areas would make him take damage, and was able to avoid them.

Whatever he decides to do next will likely surpass even this run, but hopefully the Fallout 4 streamer will be able to make even more outlandish achievements.