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Destiny Fan Celebrates Bungie Day With Destiny Sidescroller

One particular Destiny fan has made a Destiny sidescroller game in celebration of Bungie Day, which was yesterday, July 7. The holiday has been around for two years and is named in honor of Bungie’s apparent obsession with the number 7, which they reference in a large number of their games.

Brenton Whitwell, the Destiny fan in question, made the game to take the player’s Guardian through the Cosmodrome and take out enemies, with Sepiks Prime as a boss. He calls it Project Tiger, in reference to Destiny’s codename before it was officially revealed. Players are also able to shoot and melee as they fight their way through hordes of Shanks to get to Sepiks Prime.

You can rely on it to deliver a bit of Year One nostalgia, considering that for many Destiny players Sepiks Prime has become stupidly easy, if they even do any of the Year One strike missions anymore. Now, instead of lying in a sparking wreck in the Cosmodrome (like it is in The Taken King), Sepiks Prime can teleport around the Cosmodrome like it used to.

The Cosmodrome is the only level in the Destiny sidescroller, but it’s actually fairly high polished. If you’re looking to play it for yourself you can download it on either PC or Mac on the Destiny subreddit post Whitwell made.

This actually isn’t the first side-scrolling game that someone has made out of a Bungie game. Back in 2005, a Halo fan named Dobermann created Halo: Zero, a sidescrolling shooter game that took place during the Fall of Reach, which is what happened immediately before Halo: Combat Evolved.

Brenton releasing his Destiny sidescroller is pretty well timed, too. Considering that Destiny’s newest expansion, Rise of Iron, is going to be coming out soon, hopefully it will tide Guardians over until the expansion releases.