Bethesda 3D Prints An Actual BFG Gun

Bethesda has managed to print off a BFG 9000 weapon from the Doom series as a reward for one lucky fan that won a contest to give the weapon a paint job. Ever since iD Software’s new Doom game came out several months ago, it’s gotten rave reviews and critical acclaim for its story mode and for capturing the sheer brutality that the series was originally known for.

The gun in question is the last weapon that players get in the Doom game, and definitely manages to serve its purpose as the most powerful weapon in the game. It’s capable of clearing entire rooms, and is dangerous enough that if you’re not careful, you can kill yourself along with whatever demon you’re firing it at.

The BFG model that was given to the fan (his actual name is John Allen) is quite a doozy for something that’s supposed to be carried around by a normal person, even if he has a suit of power armor to augment his strength. The gun required 35 hours to design each piece of the weapon (70 hours total), and then took another 1,000 hours to 3D print the entire gun.

The final weapon is three feet long, eighteen inches tall, eighteen inches wide, and weighs 36 pounds. Going by those dimensions, the BFG actually lives up to its name.

The BFG model was created by the MyMiniFactory 3D printing website, a curated website that is dedicated to the free sharing of 3D printing files. It being fully curated means that everything available on that website has actually been printed at some time or another, though I doubt anyone has the material to be able to make another BFG in their own home.

Unfortunately (or more likely just fortunately) the gun can’t actually fire anything, but at least it’ll make a good decoration to have around the house, like a paperweight, or a doorstop. Or a dining table.