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Trade-in Your Xbox and Buy The 4K Ready Project Scorpio Console: Microsoft

Microsoft recently announced its new console that is VR and 4K ready. Project Scorpio is the next-gen of gaming consoles and Microsoft wants millions of Xbox gamers to trade-in their old consoles and buy the upcoming Project Scorpio. Hence, gamers will be able to save some money.

There is no use having both consoles as the games are compatible with both the Xbox One and the Microsoft Project Scorpio.

Next-gen Xbox One games like Gears of War 4 and Halo Wars 2 will be compatible with the new Project Scorpio Console and so Microsoft wants you to trade in the old for the new in order to get the latest and best gaming experience possible on a console.

It was already announced that games like Gears 4 will run better on the Project Scorpio and who would not want to experience VR in this day and age? It is a fascinating thing and, I for one, would not miss out an opportunity to get the Microsoft Scorpio console and save some money along the way. This would be the best way to make the shift.

Not only saving you money but also getting rid of your older console in the process of doing so. However, keep in mind that without a 4K screen it doesn’t really make sense to own a console.

Microsoft Scorpio console is a beast and according to Microsoft, it will be the most powerful console ever made. It is coming out next year and we are all excited to see what the console has to offer.

In paper, Microsoft Project Scorpio seems to be great but we will need to wait till we have the console and solid gameplay performance can be benchmarked.

Source: Dailystar