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Salandit, New Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon, Revealed

Yet another new Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon has been revealed and added to the roster of the Alola region. In this case, it’s the Pokemon Salandit, a combination Fire/Poison-type Pokemon. Salandit will be adding to the steadily-growing roster of Pokemon that Nintendo is putting out for Sun and Moon before the game is released later this year.

Salandit is not only a Fire/Poison-type Pokemon, it also has a special ability that places it above and beyond many other Poison-type Pokemon. Its special ability, Corrosion, allows it to poison every type of other Pokemon, even ones that are immune to poison-type movies, like the Steel-type, which has been immune to Poison ever since it came out in Generation 2.

Having a Salandit on your team would definitely help if there are any gym leaders in the game that use Steel-type Pokemon, or if you come across any trainers that have them.

Since the new Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon is both Fire and Poison-type, you would be able to wreck shop against any Steel-type team that you come across with any Fire or Poison-type move that you teach your Salandit to use.

There are still plenty of new Pokemon Sun and Moon Pokemon that Nintendo hasn’t shown us yet, but whether they’ll get to all of them before the games release on November 18 remains to be seen. We haven’t even gotten to see the evolved forms of the game’s three starters yet, or any evolutions, really.

Pokemon Sun and Moon promises a lot of new changes to the way Pokemon games are played, ranging from a brand-new kind of special battle (the Battle Royale), to new abilities and Pokemon, and its new region, Alola, which is eight different islands instead of one large landmass.

Hopefully all of this will combine together to give people the best Pokemon game yet.