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Microsoft Cross-Play Plans Have Changed A Bit, You Might Be Disappointed

Microsoft’s E3 press conference was full of surprises, and probably the most significant one was Microsoft cross-play plans for PC and Xbox One. Microsoft announced Xbox Play Anywhere which lets players buy games for Xbox One and get it free for PC and vice versa.

However, it seems that Microsoft had a slight change of heart, if one of Microsoft’s blog posts is to be believed. The change concerns Microsoft cross-play plans and Xbox Play Anywhere, as the original text mentioned that the service will be supported by “every new title published from Microsoft Studios”.

But the updated blog post reads as “every new title published from Microsoft Studios that we showed onstage at E3 this year”.

You must be wondering what difference does it make? Well, let me make it clear to you. The original text meant that every first party game would by default support the service, even the Halo series.

However, this subtle change by Microsoft means that only a small number of games will support this feature and it is being speculated that Microsoft cross-play and Xbox Play Anywhere will not be as open as everyone was expecting.

At least there is a silver lining here as there has been no change to the list of games that will support Xbox Play Anywhere. The game supporting this feature include Gears Of War 4, ReCore, Forza Horizon 3 and many more.

Now that is quite a U-Turn that Microsoft has taken here from the original idea that all Xbox exclusives including Halo 6 will arrive on both Xbox One and PC.

What are you thoughts on Microsoft cross-play plans changing a bit? Let us know in the comments.