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Horizon: Zero Dawn Uses a Very Robust Skill Point System For Aloy

The Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer and gameplay seen at E3 2016 was amazing. The game looked great and it is one of the most anticipated games for PlayStation 4 for the time being. Fans are eager to know more about the game so today we have some new juicy details.

In an interview, GameReactor was able to find out a bit more about Horizon: Zero Dawn from the Lead Quest Designer David Ford about the  skill point system we’ll be using. Items will have different stats and there are many modifications which can be made to Aloy. Same is the case with weapons.

Weapons have different tiers and can use different types of ammo. The skill point system is very “robust” and will enable you to make many character customizations.

You will be able unlock different items skill in-game.

It seems that there will be a couple of character options that allow us to craft our own gameplay style. We will be able to improve Aloy as we progress through the game.

Guerrilla Games has previously confirmed that crafting will be a feature in Horizon: Zero Dawn.  The main character, Aloy, will be able to combine materials along with machine parts taken from enemies to build useful traps, tools, weapons and ammunition.

Horizon: Zero Dawn seems to be shaping up very well and we are all excited about the game. We will cover more about Horizon: Zero Dawn when we have more information about the title.