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Gamer MatPat Gave Pope Francis A Copy of Undertale

Back in May, His Holiness Pope Francis, the leader of the Catholic Church, invited a number of YouTubers to the Vatican in order to speak to them on how they could use the internet to spread tolerance, empathy, and understanding on the Internet. As it’s customary to give the Pope a gift when meeting him, MatPat, a YouTuber that was one of the invited, gave His Holiness a copy of Undertale.

Undertale was met with widespread critical acclaim when it came out last year on PC, with many reviewers praising its characters, story, and the ability to get through the game without fighting a single monster. Though we don’t know if Pope Francis actually has a computer to play the game on, it’s a nice symbolic gesture.

Pope Francis has made waves on the world stage ever since his predecessor, Pope Benedict the Sixteenth, retired in 2013 in an unprecedented move. No pope in the entire 266 group of men that have filled the office has ever stepped down; the office is for life.

Francis is known for doing things such as shunning the papal apartments, going out in disguise to feed the homeless, and speaking out against corruption and inequality across the world. He’s also written a children’s book where he answers questions children have written to him in letters.

MatPat also said that another reason he gave Pope Francis Undertale is that he didn’t think that Five Nights at Freddy’s 3 would be a good gift.

This isn’t the first time a world leader has been given a video game as a gift, either; when Polish president Donald Tusk gifted a copy of The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings to president of the United States Barack Obama.

Whether His Holiness will end up playing Undertale and giving his thoughts on it remain to be seen, but if he does play it, let’s hope he goes for the Pacifist Run.