CS:GO Betting Scandal Heats Up As Tmartn Posts a New Video

CS:GO Betting Scandal heats up after Tmartn posted a new video explaining and apologizing to the community. However, this might do more harm than good.

Over the past few days a very interesting but disappointing scandal rose from the digital realm. Two of the most popular YouTubers were caught red handed as they manipulated the audience into using a CS:GO betting site they owned. Pro Syndicate and Tmartn both promoted CS:GO Lotto, a betting website, without disclosing ownership.

In fact, they tried their best to hide the fact.

Unfortunately for them, the news got out after another YouTuber dug into the website’s registration documents. This revealed that Tmartn and ProSyndicate are behind CS:GO Lotto.

Realizing there is no way out of this Tmartn has now shared an apology to his viewer base. However, once again he managed to keep things shady. He mentioned that his ownership was a matter of public record and he is sorry that his videos didn’t clarify the matter enough.

CS:GO Betting Scandal Video Apology from Tmartn

His words make it seem like he made a mistake and didn’t intentionally hide his involvement with CS:GO Lotto. Sadly, that is not the case at all. He outright lied and deceived his viewers.

It wouldn’t be wrong to question the level sincerity of his so called “apology.”

According to his logic, since the ownership was a matter of public record, anyone was free to go and search for it. His YouTube channels and other business are in compliance with the law, Tmartn said. His statement is utter stupidity and it is clear that this person is more concerned with protecting himself than actually apologizing to the community.

It is only a matter of time untilĀ a district attorney, a legislator makesĀ this into a criminal matter. This story will surely develop in the coming weeks, we will have more for you as soon as something new comes up.

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