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Steam Summer Sale Was Apparently Better Than Last Year’s

The 2016 Steam Summer Sale came to an end on Monday, but it seems like despite the event lacking many things that made the sale such a frenzy that it was even more successful. According to Steam Spy, a user that tracks various information on Steam, the sale made 236 dollars this year.

This is in contrast to last year’s Steam sale, which only brought in 160 million dollars in revenue. In this year’s Steam Summer Sale 37 million games were sold, in contrast to 33 million in 2015. There are a multitude of reasons for this.

Last year, Steam began its refund service, which allowed Steam users that were unhappy with a game they’d purchased to return it, getting their money back as long as they hadn’t had it longer than two weeks, and hadn’t played more than two hours. With the refund policy in place, now providing people a better way to spend money and try a game before deciding whether they liked it or not, the daily sales and flash deals of previous Steam sales went away.

A well-known joke about Steam users is that they end up spending a large amount of money for games that just sit in their library, barely played. The lack of risk now associated with the Steam Summer Sale may have contributed to this year’s sale being more successful than last year’s.

The lack of daily and flash sales could also be a reason. Daily and flash sales normally add on to the deals already on games, allowing them to be bought for a relatively low price. Without these, people had to spend more money to buy the games that they wanted, as the deals that were on the games were final and wouldn’t change the entire week.

We’ll have to keep a lookout and see if this trend in Steam Summer Sale profits continues.