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Prey for the Gods Kickstarter Has Launched

The official Kickstarter for the upcoming adventure/hunting game Prey for the Gods has finally been launched after a long period of silence. The game, a send-up to Shadow of the Colossus, has been highly anticipated, and released a new trailer earlier this morning.

Prey for the Gods revolves around you, a lone human, landing on a frozen island. There, you must hunt down and kill the gods that you’ve worshipped all of your life in order to save the world, which is slowly dying in a never-ending winter. However, this isn’t like Shadow of the Colossus: that “Prey” isn’t a typo. You will be eaten if they catch you.

The game also boasts of an “exhaustion” system. Your character will become more and more tired as they trudge through deep snow, run too fast, or sprint. Your exhaustion level can be replenished at a campfire, provided you can find one.

The game’s trailers paint a sort of cross between the atmosphere, world, and crushing despair of Dark Souls, with the wonder and majesty of Shadow of the Colossus. Like both of those games, you are a lowly human, caught up in events far beyond what you would see. However, with the world on the edge of destruction, you now must go on an adventure yourself.

So far, according to the Prey for the Gods Kickstarter page, over 30,000 dollars have been donated out of a projected budget of 300,000. With what we’ve seen from the trailers and various screenshots already, it seems like the Kickstarter may be used to make the game better and allow No Matter Studios, the developers, to complete it.

Since the Kickstarter for Prey for the Gods only started today, the studio has 30 days to make its goal and is already a tenth of the way there. Considering the amount of hype behind it, hopefully the Kickstarter will be successful. For more information about Prey for the Gods, check out the No Matter Studios website.