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New Overwatch Character Implied Through Blizzard Twitter Post

A Blizzard twitter post has implied that a new Overwatch character may be coming soon. The game, which released back in May, has had a lot of recent speculation about whether other members of the original Overwatch will be making an appearance. Now, it seems like we may be getting one.

Four existing Overwatch characters, Soldier: 76, Torbjorn, Reinhardt, and (spoilers) Reaper, were previously members of the original Overwatch. But they weren’t the only ones. At least one other member has yet to make an appearance, in this case the team’s sniper, Ana Amari, codenamed “Sombra”. An Egyptian woman, Amari served as the group’s sniper during the Omnic Crisis. Going by her lore and numerous references in dialogue between Pharah and the above four, it seems like Ana Amari is none other than Pharah’s mother.

The Blizzard Twitter post about a new Overwatch character showed off a sniper rifle being shown to Reyes and Morrison back during the days of the original Overwatch. Originally designed as a weapon for Mercy, she expressed concern about a slippery slope between healing and injuring. Mercy is intended to normally only use her healing staff, while her pistol is used for emergencies.

The gun, designed by Torbjorn, was originally supposed to be able to deliver different methods of healing to soldiers in the field. If it can be twisted into something else, it may serve to become Sombra’s weapon of choice.

If the new Overwatch character is in fact Pharah’s mother, the game could also add more backstory to it. Pharah appears to have a rocky relationship with her mother, normally dismissing any mention of her out of hand.

We may learn more about the pair’s relationship if Pharah ever gets an animated short of her own, but until we learn more from Blizzard it seems like all we have to do is guess.