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New Evolve Countdown Suddenly Appears On Website

A new Evolve countdown has appeared on the game’s website, marking one of the first signs of activity from the multiplayer game since it released back in 2015. The countdown marks 18 days (as of this posting) until something happens, but what it is, we don’t know.

Evolve is a squad-based shooter game developed by Turtle Rock Studios, and won a high degree of praise in its initial phases. The “plot” such as it was, revolved around a group of hunters being sent to the world of Shear, where the human colony there has come under attack by a wide variety of beasts.

Gameplay revolved around a four-on-one match where four players would hunt down the fifth, who took the form of one of the monsters. Here the game’s title would come into play. The player in control of the monster would have to constantly keep ahead of the Hunters, killing and eating animals in order to gain enough energy to evolve and destroy the enemy team’s generator.

The hunters, in the meantime, were assigned to hunt down the monster and kill it before it could evolve to Phase 3 and destroy the generator.

Each of the game’s four monsters had a completely different playstyle, promising tense matches that had their outcome completely pinned on whether the hunters could work together and the monster could stay ahead of them.

Evolve released to fairly positive reviews, but soon fell off the radar for a lack of real content and an astounding number of microtransactions that offered nothing substantial and instead just gave their buyers new costumes and skins.

The 18 days that are on the new Evolve countdown could mean anything. Whether Evolve will make a new appearance at a gaming convention, or a new trailer will be released for something new in the game remains to be seen. We’ll have to wait for the new Evolve countdown to finish and see.