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New Civilization 6 Egypt Video Shows Off One of the World’s Oldest Civilizations

A new Civilization 6 Egypt video has introduced the newest mechanics of one of the world’s oldest known civilizations. Led by the famous queen Cleopatra (known both for her affairs with Caesar and Marc Antony and her famous suicide), Egypt will be competing with other civilizations such as America, Britain, and China.

The video shows off many of Egypt’s new mechanics, such as the civilization’s special ability, called “Iteru”. The ancient Egyptian name for the River Nile (around which much of Egypt revolved), the ability allows Egypt to build districts and Wonders faster if they’re positioned next to rivers, allowing them to gain a leg up on construction over the competition.

The Civilization 6 Egypt video also goes into the mechanics of Cleopatra. Due to her association with the Roman Republic, her special ability gives special attention to Egypt’s trade routes, which give Egypt additional gold. The civilization that Egypt trades with will also get a bonus to food, which will help them grow their population. This quality makes Egypt a powerful trading partner and a good prospective ally.

The video then turns to the military side of things, showing off Egypt’s unique unit: the Maryannu Chariot Archer. Chariots were one of Egypt’s greatest military assets during the height of its power, as the harsh desert terrain didn’t allow for very good cavalry horses. Instead chariots were used. The Marianu chariot gets movement bonuses if it starts its turn on open terrain, which can allow its users to move around more than other units.

The final section of the Civilization 6 Egypt video shows off a unique Egyptian tile improvement: the Sphinx. Sphinxes give Egypt a bonus in faith and culture, especially when they’re built next to other Wonder buildings.

Egypt’s importance and its focus on the early-game and Wonders allow it to remain a viable civilization to play even in late game, so you can check it out for yourself when Civilization 6 releases October 21 of this year.