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Details of Pokemon Go Microtransactions Finally Available

As a free-to-play mobile game, Pokemon Go microtransactions were a fact of life for when the game would come out. Now that the game’s beta is over (at least in Australia and New Zealand), we now can get a good look at what exactly all of these microtransactions would entail.

According to Kotaku, all players start out with a collection of Poke Balls for catching Pokemon, and a few Incense items, which help to attract other Pokemon to you to be caught. The Pokemon Go microtransactions all revolve around gold, in this case called Pokecoins, which you buy with real money. You can obtain more Poke Balls and Incense just through playing the game. You can also get other items by heading to real-world drop points.

Whether you get more Pokecoins every day just by logging in remains to be seen, but so far the rates for the microtransactions are as follows:

For 100 Pokecoins, you can buy 20 Poke Balls. 100 Poke Balls will run you 460 Pokecoins, and 200 Poke Balls will run you 800. The store also allows you to buy more Incense, a number of Lucky Eggs, Lure Modules, and an Egg Incubator to help you obtain more Pokemon.

As for buying Pokecoins themselves, we have the actual real-world money. You can get a pretty good amount (100 Pokecoins) just by paying a dollar. 550 Pokecoins will run for five dollars, while 1200 Pokecoins is ten dollars. The next two ranks, 2500 Pokecoins and 5200 Pokecoins, run at 20 and 40 dollars. If you really want to go all out, you can spend a hundred dollars to by 14,500 Pokecoins.

Thankfully since you can earn new items through regular play it doesn’t look like Pokemon Go microtransactions will be a mandatory thing like some other mobile games are. But we’ll have to see how regional equivalents work out when Pokemon Go releases in other areas of the world sometime soon.