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Watch Dogs 2 Multiplayer Should Happen Seamlessly

Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer should be a seamless experience, if Ubisoft Montreal is to be believed. The previous Watch Dogs game also had a multiplayer component, where various players could “invade” (to use a Dark Souls turn of phrase) the cities of other players and try and install a back door virus into their phone. In order to prevent that from happening you would have to hunt them down.

If what Watch Dogs 2 developer game director Danny Belanger is saying is true, Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer should work seamlessly in order to allow you and your friends to play with one another or compete against each other.

As a member of the hacker group DedSec in-universe, your character can be walking down the street and come across another DedSec member, who you can then invite to join your game to overcome something like a tough mission or just mess around in San Francisco.

Belanger says that the team has already created a number of missions that are designed for use in co-op play, so you won’t have to worry about missions being too easy either with a helper.

However, this does bring up the possibility of a mission designed for co-op being too difficult for people to do on their own.

If Watch Dogs 2 multiplayer is as seamless as Belanger says, however, you could likely do some very cool things that you wouldn’t be able to do normally in the game.

One player could go inside and go the physical route, while another player can stay outside the building, supporting the one inside by hacking things as they go to cause distractions.

Watch Dogs 2 is a game that has a lot going for it, but also a lot of risks.

Though the first game had its high points, it got a lot of criticism due to not living up to the hype. Hopefully Watch Dogs 2 will be able to be the game that the first Watch Dogs hoped it would be.