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The Last Guardian Gameplay Mechanics Update: “Still Fine-Tuning Trico’s Behaviours”

While its predecessor, Shadow of the Colossus, is still inspiring games like Fe genDESGIN is still tweaking The Last Guardian gameplay mechanics. However, it is only the most important character in the game they are still tuning i.e. Trico.

After nine years through which developers say that the game hasn’t deviated much from its core, it is finally going to be released this year.

Yet, the behavior of Trico is something that they are still working on. In all honesty, the importance being given to how the beast works is really important and so it makes us feel more comfortable knowing that the developers are continuously working to get it better.

That being said, game director Fumito Ueda says that the level of control over Trico is important to decide and implement and that they are still working to hit the spot, here’s the dilemma about The Last Guardian gameplay mechanics:

To be honest, we’re still fine-tuning Trico’s behaviours, there are two extremes – if you can fully control a character, what’s the point? It becomes a pet. But at the opposite end if you can’t control it at all it becomes a nuisance, a barrier to progression. We’re still trying to find the balance.

That is not all, Ueda also hinted at the reasons why he left Sony (albeit indirectly) while explaining how the whole development period of the game has been a learning process.

He says that although it is “hard to explain, to describe it in words at this moment,” the single largest take away from these nine long years has been that “in life, there are always things that mesh well, and things that don’t. In various ways that applies to what we’ve done in the last few years.”

Ain’t that philosophical.

Any how, tell us are you confident that The Last Guardian gameplay mechanics will be just what you expect them to be after the release?