The Division Dragon’s Nest Difficulty Heroic Delayed

The Heroic option for The Division Dragon’s Nest difficulty setting has apparently been delayed by Ubisoft Massive, with no explanation. The new option would have increased the difficulty of the Dragon’s Nest Incursion, the game’s version of raids. The Heroic option for the incursion’s difficulty would raise the challenge of it even more, along with the rewards.

The Division’s Underground DLC came out a few days ago back in June, and promised a number of new missions as agents took to the sewers and subways of New York City. Dragon’s Nest is the Incursion for that DLC pack. In it, agents must infiltrate and destroy a stronghold of the Cleaners, who like to use fire as they attempt to burn the city free of the plague that caused it to collapse into anarchy.

The Division Dragon’s Nest difficulty was supposed to be getting its Heroic option today. However, despite Ubisoft Massive making a big effort to get rid of a number of bugs and exploits in the Incursion, there was no option to increase the game’s difficulty.

In the patch notes, Ubisoft Massive had no explanation for the delay either; it simply said that the Heroic mode would not be added.

The Challenging Mode for the Clear Sky incursion was also delayed a while ago, arriving a week later than it was supposed to. If this means the same thing for The Division Dragon’s Nest difficulty, hopefully it won’t be delayed for too long before it comes out.

Hard Mode raid-type missions in games like The Division and Destiny not only offer players a greater challenge, but also give them better rewards in the form of weapons, armor, and other assorted gear. This can help to raise the level of their equipment, or at least provide valuable materials to break down for upgrades to better weapons.