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Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 Release Date Announced

The release date for Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 has finally been announced, letting us know when we can expect the latest entry in the series to come out on PC, last-gen consoles, and current-gen consoles. The series is one of the main competitors to the FIFA games by EA Sports, but are still popular if you’re not looking for the best sports game around.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will be coming out on September 13 in North America, and will be arriving in the United Kingdom two days later. Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 did get a fairly good reception at E3 2016, even after the EA conference when FIFA 17 was shown.

Pro Evolution Soccer 2016 got a bundle with a Playstation 4 at the UEFA Euro 2016 football tournament as well.

According to Konami, the owners of the PES franchise (yes, I’m surprised too), the new game includes improved passing, a Real Touch system that will improve how players react to the ball, and improved goal tending techniques, making it more difficult to score goals. You can also set strategies for your teams to follow.

When the game does release it will cost 59.99 in US dollars on current-gen consoles (that means Xbox One and Playstation 4) and 39.99 on last-gen consoles and PC (Xbox 360, Playstation 3).

Whether Konami will be able to make Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 popular over EA Sports’s own FIFA series, however, remains to be seen. FIFA is definitely a franchise with more money and influence behind it, as PES 2016 only had fifteen individual teams on it, while FIFA has a lot more.

FIFA 17 will also be having its first-ever story mode when FIFA 17 comes out, which boasts accurately modeled managers for all of the Barclay Premiere League teams, a dialogue wheel, fully animated cutscenes, and more.

Either way, we’ll have to see and find out which game ends up the more successful one, considering that Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 comes out September 13, and FIFA 17 comes out on September 27.