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PES 2017 to Tackle FIFA 17 Competition with Gameplay, My Club and Master League

It is known that a PES 2017 playable demo is expected to come out in August, but the game’s reveal has told us enough to know that Konami and PES Productions are not going the extra mile that FIFA 17 is, in order to really add something to the experience.

However, they have got to take on the towering competition regardless, and even if they are not building something like the Story Mode there has to be something they can put in front of the audience to choose their game for.

When asked what that is, Konami’s PR representative Steve Merrett said that instead of experimenting with stuff they don’t excel at, PES Productions is focused on what they are good at.

The gameplay itself is their focus as well as what brings their bragging rights alongside features like My Club and Master League, which are already gaining popularity according to Merrett.

Talking about Master League he says it is “incredibly engrossing” with a “huge depth that you wouldn’t expect from a football game.”

Now that they’ve added various things, like proper transfer deadlines and training and stuff like that, it’s going to make it more engrossing. We’re just going to continue to refine what’s in there. I think that we are always up for coming up with new ideas but they’ve got to be bolstering the PES experience. Because gameplay is key, you buy a game to play it and that’s where we want it to be.

Well did he just wash away everything FIFA has been building (making FIFA 17 into a service with live updates and all those cosmetic elements over a good base game) in just one sentence?

Because in other words, what he is trying to say is that FIFA 17 might have all those colorful things but PES 2017 has the gameplay, and gameplay is what you really buy the game for.