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Overwatch Rip-Off Developer Denies Accusations, Plans to Spend $2M on the Project

China’s gaming scene is known for its blatant disregard for ethics and morals. Rip-offs of western hardware and software is a norm in the region. We have seen them develop a console that looks like a¬†love child of Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Now, Blizzard’s multiplayer shooter Overwatch is ripped-off (allegedly). A similar project is in development and its creator plans to spending $2M. Dubbed as “Legend of Titan,” it is a 99% Overwatch rip-off. However, the creator denied any such acquisitions. The title has been in development for some time and its creators have been accused of plagiarism every so often.

Legend of Titan is a free to play game, which means it will have essential differences in game plays, game modes and contents when compared with Overwatch. The only similarity we have with Overwatch probably lies in the fact that our products all blend in FPS + MOBA elements

The only similarity you say? Well, I strongly disagree with the last part. The image you see above shows some of the characters this Overwatch rip-off comes with. You can see a female fighter almost identical to Tracer’s character model. Moreover, Reinhardt is there along with Roadhog. Below is their take on a Pharah:

Overwatch rip off

We have invested $760,000 by now and we plan to invest more than $2 million in this project, with no ceiling on the budget. Our goal is to make Legend of Titan a flagship game in both web and mobile platforms. It doesn’t make any sense if we just want to rip off Overwatch. All those slanders will¬†collapse without being attacked

No matter how much you deny the community can see through you. There is no doubt that this is an Overwatch rip-off.

Source: 2P