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There May Be A Battlefield 1 Pigeon Mode

There may be a Battlefield 1 pigeon mode when the game releases in October, functioning as a kind of capture-the-flag mode, according to an inside source. That inside source’s information was revealed in a YouTube video by AlmightyDaq as something he got from data-mining the code from the game’s closed alpha.

Carrier pigeons, as they were called, were an important way of delivering messages in both World Wars. In World War 1 they were used extensively, with one pigeon even winning a medal for delivering 12 vital messages despite being badly injured.

Considering the content that these pigeons usually carried in their messages, the possibility of a capture-the-flag gametype being made out of them is actually fairly justified for the time period. It would also make for a much more hectic game. Think about it, how hard is it to catch a bird with your bare hands?

The Battlefield 1 pigeon mode would involve your team picking up a pigeon and holding onto it for a certain amount of time before it flies off to send a message to your base, which will score your team a point. While we have no idea if the pigeon moves around or not, it would still be an interesting variation on Capture the Flag.

Aside from the Battlefield 1 pigeon mode, two other gametypes will also be included in the game aside from the Conquest and Domination gametypes available in the alpha. These two types are Possession and Breakthrough, though we don’t have any real particulars of how they would work.

We don’t even know if a Battlefield 1 pigeon mode even really exists, as the “inside source” in Daq’s video could be wrong.

However, it wouldn’t be out of place; various other games have put different spins on the Capture the Flag gametype, such as Assault and Oddball in Halo, the “Meatflag” mode in Gears of War where the flag was alive, and more.