Food In Final Fantasy XV Is Fundamental And So Delicious

As the release of Final Fantasy XV is getting closer and closer, Square Enix is also increasing its efforts to hype the fans. In a build up to the release of Final Fantasy XV Square Enix has released some new screenshots, showcasing the delicious food that players can cook up in Final Fantasy XV.

There is no doubt the food in Final Fantasy XV looks delicious, although the textures are little bit jaggy but still looking at it is making me starve. These images were published by Dengeki Online along with new Final Fantasy XV screenshots.

Before players will get to eat these dishes, they will first have to gather ingredients during gameplay and then player can cook these dishes each time the character rest at a campsite. The better the ingredients the better the meal, and if there are no ingredients then players will have to eat just a toast.

However, the characters will take this opportunity to bond and rest after a long day of travelling and fighting. According to game director of Final Fantasy XV,Hajime Tabata:

Mealtime is an essential part of bringing the ‘friends on the road’ concept to life.

Speaking with IGN, Tabata confirmed that in different regions of the game, different foods will be available.

However, the dinner plays an important role in giving boost to characters for the next day. These boosts include stamina, attack buffs, resistance to poison and more. In short players will have to plan for the upcoming day, before they embark further ahead in their journey.

Recently Square Enix released some screenshots detailing the game flow, combat, weapons and more. The developers wants players to explore the world, so they encourage players to take a detour and explore the world.

Final Fantasy XV is scheduled to release on September 30 for Xbox One and PlayStation 4.