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Xbox One Scorpio to be as Powerful as a PC, But For How Long?

Xbox One Scorpio was the main highlight of Microsoft’s E3 press conference, and even now the developers and the internet can’t seem to stop talking about it. Xbox One Scorpio is rumored to be as powerful as a gaming PC, but a question comes to mind that: How long this console will be able to keep up with so many powerful PCs in the market?

Speaking with Gamingbolt CD Projekt RED’s Mateusz Tomaszkiewicz said that Xbox One Scorpio will be able to match the performance of a gaming PC or might even surpass it.

For sure [the Scorpio] will have better looking games. If this was available when we were working on Wild Hunt I would expect similar quality that we have on PC right now or even better maybe.

This debate between the consoles and PCs have gone on for years, and Microsoft might be bringing a game changer with their new console. Microsoft is not alone in that race to match console performance with that of a PC, as Sony is also working on PlayStation 4 Neo.

Microsoft claims that Xbox One Scorpio will be the most powerful console in the market when its released. Now here is the fun thing that Xbox One Scorpio will not be launching before Holiday 2017, which is more than a year from now.

With PC market releasing new technology every one year or so, we can’t help but wonder that there will be a new technology by the time this console is released which will surpass it, and Tomaszkiewicz agrees with that.

I don’t know that much about it. I think PCs are growing and developing super fast. New graphic cards are being released very often and more often than the new consoles being released. So I think it will put Scorpio on par with the PC is that we have at that point. But I think PC is growing so fast that it’ll outpace [Scorpio].

Xbox One Scorpio will definitely outperform other consoles in the market, and it will appeal to those who are looking for the best console in the market. But will it truly be able to take on Gaming PCs, only time will tell.

Do you think Xbox One Scorpio will live up to Microsoft’s promise? Let us know in the comments.