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Ubisoft Will Support Nintendo NX, Nintendo Is The Best Partner In The World

The relationship between Ubisoft and Nintendo has been a interesting one for the last few years, specially after the launch of Nintendo Wii U. Since the launch of Wii U Ubisoft have been the main third party developer that supported the console, and it seems that Ubisoft will also support Nintendo NX .

The relation between Ubisoft and Nintendo started out rather good,however, things turned south very quickly. Ubsisoft promised to release Rayman Legends exclusive to Wii U, but just 2 weeks before its release, Ubisoft delayed it and announced that the title will release on all platforms.

However, even after this whole situation Ubisoft stood by Nintendo Wii U to some extent, by releasing games from its popular franchises like Assassin’s Creed and Tom Clancy on Wii U, but it only lasted for a little while, and Ubisoft limited its support for Wii U to annual release of Just dance.

Now Nintendo NX is on its way and its seems that Ubisoft is excited for it, well atleast they claim to be. Speaking with Game Informer, Yves Guillemot CEO of Ubisoft said that the company will support Nintendo NX and also said that Nintendo is the best partner in the world.

You can expect we’ll support Nintendo. Nintendo is one of the best partners in the world.

Guillemot also reflected on why Ubisoft changed its strategy on supporting Wii U during its earlier years after launch, according to him the console was not selling Ubisoft games fast enough.

We could see it wasn’t selling as fast as expected, so we reorganized around other platforms. With the Wii U, we were able to relaunch Rayman 2D. It was a good thing for the company and the brand and its fans. If you remember, it was supposed to be Wii U exclusive, but we made it multi-platform when we saw it wasn’t selling fast enough.

However, he also complemented the console for having a lot of great franchises and selling lots of Just Dance copies.

The Wii U has done quite well. It’s still a Nintendo machine with lots of great franchises, and we’ve sold lots of copies of Just Dance on it.

Do you think Guillemot  means it that Ubisoft Supports Nintendo NX? Let us know in the comments.