Overwatch Competitive Mode Patch Will Address Cheating, Connectivity and More

Blizzard’s newest game Overwatch released its Competitive Mode patch a few days ago, bringing a more competitive and less for-fun mode of play to all of the game’s millions of players.

However, soon an Overwatch competitive mode patch will be arriving on the game to fix a number of bugs and problems that came out with the same mode. For starters, the Overwatch competitive mode patch will be dealing with the issues with the game’s anti-cheat software. The anti-quit software was originally done to dissuade players from leaving a game early via a rage-quit.

However, many flaws came with that, such as when players were dropped from a game due to a bad internet connection.

The Overwatch competitive mode patch was announced on Saturday, so hopefully sometime this week it will be coming out. Overwatch’s game director Jeff Kaplan was the one to announce the patch.

Previously, the anti-quitting mechanic would penalize players that leave games early by gelding their XP gain by 75%. In order to get rid of the debuff you would have to play a number of games without leaving, win or lose.

You would also be penalized if you repeatedly rage-quit, to the point where you might be suspended from a whole season of the mode or banned from competitive mode altogether.

The problem of bad internet connections can be seen as the bane of many games that are trying to implement anti-rage-quit software in their games, including in League of Legends, which has put in a similar system that has had problems with mistaking an inadvertent disconnect for a rage-quit.

The internet connectivity problems in Overwatch will even penalize people that disconnect if they manage to re-connect to their game.

Since the Overwatch competitive mode patch will be coming out sometime this week (hopefully), people with bad internet connections that are worried about their performance due to bad internet will hopefully be able to play without worry of losing their ranking soon.