All League of Legends Champion Dance Moves References, Beyonce Inspired Akali and More

Each League of Legends champion has unique dance moves that you can perform at will.

The interesting thing, however, is that most of these dance moves are inspired by real-life stars, cartoon series, and other video games. Corzelito has compiled a neat little video showcasing what inspired Riot Games to create these in-game dance moves.

League of Legends Champion Dance Moves

I personally love Johnny Bravo inspired Garen, Beyonce inspired Akali, and Draven. You can check out the video attached above and share your impressions with us in the comments below:

In relevant League of Legends news, Riot Games is now rolling out update 6.13 which brings a major client update, a long list of champions getting nerfed/buffed, Deep Sea Nami, Soul Stealer Vayne, Hextech Ward skins, and a whole lot more. To find out about all the changes, head over to the post!

Coming to Summer Split 2016, Team SoloMid continues its winning streak by sweeping CounterLogic Gaming in a quick 2-0. Team Immortals, on the other hand, did the same to Cloud-9 after questionable performance from both Incarnati0n/Jensen and ADC Sneaky. In EU LCS, the newly formed G2 eSports has yet to drop a game and are at the top of rankings followed by Fnatic.

Getting back on subject, which of the League of Legends champions dance moves you liked the most? For me, it is Draven, hands-down!