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Get Infinity Blade Trilogy For Free On iOS Today

The Infinity Blade trilogy, one of the first series of actual high-quality games on the iOS, is now available for free in celebration of Independence Day. So, if you want, you can get the entire Infinity Blade trilogy for free. Normally, buying all three games in the series would set you back 20 dollars.

Previously the Infinity Blade games have been free at one point or another, but all three games being free is unheard of.

The Infinity Blade series first came out in 2010, and was a fairly standard iOS game; you played a succession of sons whose fathers were being killed by the God King, a ludicrously powerful being known as a Deathless, who rules the land with an iron fist.

As you make your way through his fortress, you find yourself in a series of one-on-one duels with a horde of hulking beasts, until you finally killed the God King and obtained the titular Infinity Blade.

The games have proven themselves highly popular, to the point that there have been many rumors over the years that they would get added to things like Xbox Kinect.

Now that you can get the entire Infinity Blade trilogy for free, you can follow Siris through his journey to defeat the Deathless and free humanity from their cruel grip.

The series actually expanded after the first game, with a number of small novellas that bridged the gaps between all three games. The games also expanded weapons, going from sword-and-shield combat to dual-wielding swords and massive greatswords and huge axes.

Despite this, the Infinity Blade trilogy was atypical in its iOS debut in that it had beautiful environments and detailed models, in an age where most iOS games were just point-and-click things like Bejeweled and more.

If you want to get the Infinity Blade trilogy for free, all you need is to go to the App Store and download all three games. And if you’re someone confused on the plot, you can also grab both of the Infinity Blade novellas from Amazon, both of which are downloadable on the Kindle and likely the iOS Store’s “Books” app.