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New Civilization 6 Video Shows The Eiffel Tower Wonder

A new Civilization 6 video has been posted to YouTube, showing off one of the game’s many wonders: the Eiffel Tower.

This is merely the latest wonder shown in the “Wonder Movies” series of short videos posted on the game’s YouTube channel. Other wonders shown include the Great Library of Alexandria, the Pyramids, and the Oracle of Delphi.

Wonders in the Civilization series are world-famous structures and cities that give bonuses to your civilization as you build them.

Only one can exist in the world at one time, so if you lose the race to research and build one, you’re out of luck. There’s no telling what the Eiffel Tower will give civilizations that are able to build it, but if it follows the pattern from Civilization 5 it’ll give your citizens five points of happiness and twelve points of tourism, which can help with a Cultural Victory.

There are likely dozens of other Wonders in the game, but we’ve only seen a few others in the various “Wonder Videos” series that the game has posted on its YouTube channel. This new Civilization 6 video is only the latest in the series, and it’s likely that more will be coming until the game comes out in September.

The video also shows how much more detailed the various Wonders in Civilization 6 are. The video shows the Eiffel Tower being built from the ground up in various phases, so along with the other wonders and how they’re built it seems like it will only add to the more detailed look of the new Civilization game.

With cities now much more spread out and detailed it’s likely that the way that the wonders are detailed that this is only a start to what the new Civilization game will have.

Civilization 6 will come out in October, only a mere three months from now.