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BulletStorm Remaster In The Works, Screenshots Leaked

You might remember the awesome shooter known as Bulletstorm, the game released by People Can Fly and Epic Games back in 2011 . Fans of BulletStorm will be happy to know that Bulletstorm remaster is in development and a few its of screenshots have been has made its way on the internet.

Bulletstrom was published by Electronic arts, and despite of its critical reception the game did not sold very well, not at least how EA expected. However, since then fans who played the game have been asking for a sequel to Bulletstorm, and mainly the game not meeting the sales expectations is the main reason why it has spawned a sequel.

However, things are looking bright for the game, as Bulletstorm Remaster is in the works, or at least the screenshots make us think it is.

The screenshots come all way from Polygon’s video editor, who shared the contents of an Xbox USB drive, which was shared by Microsoft at E3 2016. One of the folders is named Bulletstorm Remaster.

In the folder there were four screenshots of Bulletstorm Remaster, which look significantly better than original game did five years ago. Checkout these screenshots below.

Back in October 2015 Cliff Bleszinski claimed that some of the original developers from People Can Fly have bought the rights of Bulletstorm from Epic Game, and also claimed that they are working on a sequel to the bulletstorm.

However, the developers has not yet confirmed that they have indeed purchased the IP from Epic Games, and are working on the sequel. However, there is a possibility that the devs might not be working to develop a sequel, but they were working on Bulletstorm Remaster.

Interestingly there was no mention of Bulletstorm Remaster at E3 2016, perhaps the devs are waiting from Gamescom, which is scheduled from August 17 to 21, to reveal the game.

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