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TitanFall 2 Single Player Is a “Free-form Experience,” No Titan/Pilot Missions Splits

TitanFall 2 single player campaign is everything we hoped it would be. Of course, we are yet to get our hands on it but its reveal footage is very promising. The first TitanFall lacked a single player campaign but with the new game, Respawn will make sure they deliver the best possible experience.

According to studio cofounder Vince Zampella and producer Drew McCoy, TitanFall 2 single player is a “free-form experience.” The single player campaign will have some differences from the multiplayer mode. For example, the Titan is able to throw its pilot in the single player campaign. However, the single player mode will focus on everything that makes this franchise unique; “so the mobility, the freedom to move around the environment however you want as well as the ability to get in and out of your titan whenever you want, those are really important”

Moreover, there won’t be any split to pilot/titan missions but keep in mind that there will be some areas where only a pilot or Titan can access. The story will highlight the bond between the Titan and its Pilot, that interaction is really important to Respawn Entertainment.

TitanFall 2 will release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC later this year. It is shedding its Microsoft exclusivity which means  it has exposure to much bigger audience. Respawn wants it to appeal to as many players as possible.

Since its reveal, TitanFall 2 has been compared with Black Ops 3 and although there are similarities, Titanfall 2 is not as linear as Call of Duty.

Source: Gamesradar