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Death Stranding: Reedus’ Baby, Lu#2 SHown Off by Hideo Kojima

Death Stranding is surely going to be one of the games that stretch things a little bit when it comes to the psychological elements. Hideo Kojima put a number of things in the game’s E3 2016 teaser to that effect, like the naked Norman Reedus, the dead creatures and the baby.

Talking off, recently Hideo Kojima decided to get personal with the baby in question and took to Twitter with some updates on him.

For starters, he has revealed that the game probably has more than one babies like that, and they also have code names. The one that Reedus was holding is Lu#2 while there also is a Lu#1.

Obviously they have used dolls and not real babies.

Oh and the baby is in San Diego right now, probably lending a helping hand in creating yet another totally unexplained teaser of Death Stranding.

This creep of a prop was not the only thing that Hideo Kojima talked about. He also updated the fans on the latest episode of HideoTube. Kojima-san is going to be discussing the E3 2016 experience of Death Stranding and Kojima Productions during the episode.

He says that he has just wrapped it up and figured the episode is a comparatively longer one – lasting more than an hour. It also has some commentary by Yano-san, from “temporary satellite studio in SIE cafeteria.”

Death Stranding is not a PlayStation 4 exclusive and it doesn’t have a release date yet.