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Street Fighter 5 Mod Lets You Play as Juri and Urien

A recently-released Street Fighter 5 mod has been released that lets you play as Juri and Urien, two fighters from the Street Fighter series that weren’t added to Street Fighter 5. Unfortunately, you can’t be one of the cool kids that plays with the mod online: the mod only works in training mode, or with local versus mode.

While Street Fighter 5 has been getting a lot of new content recently through microtransactions and paid DLC, along with free updates (such as the story mode that was released today), it’s still missing a great deal of the many characters that the Street Fighter series has come to know.

Many of the franchise’s biggest characters, including Ryu, Ken, Chun Li, Guile, Bison, Cammy, Zangief, and Karin, have made a return for the game, along with the appearance of a new character, Necalli, but one of Street Fighter 5’s criticisms was a lack of many of the characters from other Street Fighter games.

Even Akuma, who could be called one of the franchise’s main villains, has left Street Fighter, though in this case it’s because he’s taken a role in Tekken, one of Street Fighter’s main competitors.

The Street Fighter 5 mod that allows you to play Juri and Urien would at least add the possibility of having two new characters if you and a friend want to have a night of playing Street Fighter 5 to yourselves, even though you can’t take them online.

Makes the victory kind of hollow if you can’t fight actual people while using the Street Fighter 5 mod. However, there is hope.

The Street Fighter story mode is going to be releasing two new post-launch characters, including Balrog, the boxer, and Ibuki, a ninja. Considering Guile and Alex have also joined the roster, it’s possible that we may see an official Jury and Urien coming to the game soon.

If you want to download the mods for yourself, you can find them on the Street Fighter 5 mod subreddit.