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“Any One Can Figure Out That PS4 Has Outsold Xbox One”, Says Phil Spencer

We all know that Sony’s PlayStation 4 is clear winner in current generation, in terms of console sales compared to Xbox One. Phil Spencer has always tried to evade to acknowledge that Xbox One is being out sold by PlayStation 4.

However, speaking with Giantbomb Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, gave a clear answer that he personally feels that monthly average users is a more meaningful statistic for him and how he conducts the business, and why success of the Xbox One has nothing to do with Sony beating them when it comes to install base.

When we talk about the health of the Xbox business right now, we talk about this thing called monthly average users. And I know there’s a lot of snark about that, that I’m just trying to dodge the install base number versus the install base for the PlayStation 4. But you know, I think anybody with a calculator can figure out they’ve sold more consoles than we have.

He explained that he measures the health of the Xbox business with how many players are playing games, connecting with each other, obviously from business point of view. He explained that he is not bothered by the tweets that says Thank you for bringing Xbox games to PC, as it is more of a sentiment “Thanks for playing our games”.

Spencer went on to say that PC does not deplete the Xbox One game sale, as playing on the console is a unique experience. You hit a button the UI boots that is supposed to be controlled by a controller and you are playing games on your TV 10 feet away or so.

Spencer said that Microsoft cares about Windows and gaming on Windows, and they are focused on that. He said that the company has learned his lesson with Games For Windows live.

So I looked at the health of both of those, and said if we get into this world where as an Xbox business, we look at people playing games on Windows as detrimental to our Xbox business, we’re never going to do a good job. I lived through that, that was called Games For Windows Live.

Spencer acknowledged that the purpose for Games For Windows Live was to get Windows users to buy an Xbox.

Phil Spencer is determined to support gaming on both Xbox One and PC, and that is a good sign that Microsoft is making good on its promise to support PC gaming.